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-Redefining the use of cashmere with a modern and timeless approach to this exclusive high quality fiber through quality knitted products

-From the best goats to the best garments and the people between, we select our yarns with a strong social and environmental conscience, We believe that all products should be repurposed or recycled

-The entire planet produces just a few thousand tons per year. Its rarity is due to the exceptionally harsh and geographically remote conditions of its production, and the labor-intensive but refined skills required for every stage of the processing



JK Knitwear

-Our sweaters are high quality articles of clothing and will last a long time, it will keep its feel and shape as long as taken care of properly see our CARE page for some tips

-Our knitting and processing is virtually zero-waste in regards to the fact that knitting is looping one singular spool/cone/hank of yarn

-Our choice of yarns, mainly cashmere, animal and plant fibers, are all biodegradable and we are proud to help support all methods that help protect these natural resources

-Our yarn comes from yarn mills and yarn spinners that comply with all ethical codes and help people and animals along the entire supply chain