A.S.P.I.R.E - Can sweaters help save the world?

Can sweaters help save the world?

It may seem like an impossibility, yet it does convey a sense of reality.

As we all know the fashion industry is a harmful polluter and putting the planet at risk of environmental issues and climate change, JK Knitwear / Jonathan Kringle is working on a means to accomplish that headline, sweaters can help save the world.

Throughout the company’s history, the core fibers of the brand were all cashmere, a quality which has many positive attributes in regard to sustainability. The JK Knitwear/ Jonathan Kringle label is “branching off” to introducing a new assortment of fibers and yarns selected for their sustainable properties and eco-conscious values. The name of the offering is called A.S.P.I.R.E, which is an anagram for :

Achieve Success and Perfection with Innovative Respect for the Environment

The label’s owner has worked directly with yarn spinning mills in Asia to ensure top quality and witness the development of the yarns.

The first A.S.P.I.R.E knitwear collection consists of and array of styles and 3 new yarns, each of the yarns were chosen for their benefits to the wearer and are backed by numerous certifications.

The Jonathan Kringle brand is a company that specializes in knitted garments consisting of mainly luxury yarns. They are in pursuit of becoming one of the first choices for affluent ladies and gentlemen looking to make a quiet impression in style and selecting a brand that is working on giving back, emphasizing its approach of reducing its harmful impact on the environment.